What is the process for setting up my whole home generator? How long will it take?

After accepting your generator proposal and making a few key decisions about fuel type and permitting we are generally able to install your new generator system in 4-5 weeks after receiving your deposit. Decisions about what type of fuel and if the homeowner is managing any fuel contractors or permitting will impact this timeframe.

Homeowners should allow up to 2-4 weeks to order materials, apply for the required permits, and co-ordinate schedules with a fuel contractor and then the installation is scheduled and can generally be completed in a week.

Installing a standby generator that is connected to you home requires careful coordination of the fuel contractor, Dynamic Electric and county permitting departments.  If homeowners decide to manage their own fuel contractor or the permitting process they may need additional time to gather quotes and manage schedules so should adjust their timeframe as needed. 

Assuming that Dynamic Electric is managing the fuel contractor and permitting, here is what to expect:

Weeks 2-4 after deposit is received

Dynamic Electric orders the generator and all required parts and materials.

Permit requests are submitted to the appropriate county offices.

Dynamic Electric contacts the fuel sub contractor (Propane or Natural Gas) and schedules installation of service lines with them.

Parts and materials arrive at Dynamic Electric and are staged for install day

Depending on scheduling needs the fuel contractor may come out and set up the service lines prior to Dynamic Electric's install date but in most cases we like to do everything the same week.

Week of Installation:

Install Day 1:  Generator is delivered to home and placed on service pad, leveled and all appropriate lines and materials are laid out for installation. Fuel Contractor sets up new line and preps for first inspection.

Install Day 2: Inspection of fuel line is completed. Transfer switch and electrical connections for generator are completed. Power to the home will be turned off for part or most of the day while this work is completed.

Install Day 3: Fuel contractor connects fuel to generator.

Install Day 4: Final inspection of fuel line and generator is completed. Depending on your county this may be a single inspection or may be two different inspectors.

Install Day 5: Start up test and run through of generator systems by Dynamic Electric.

Your back-up generator is now ready to go!

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