We are an official GENERAC dealer!

We have always installed generators but have officially become a GENERAC dealer this month.

Since 1959, Generac has been designing and manufacturing backup power generators for residential, commercial and industrial applications. They have grown to be the world’s largest provider of residential backup generators, selling five times as many generators as their competitors combined.

We decided to partner with them because after some extensive research we decided that they simply offered the best products at a great price point and have the support and product warranty in place to serve our customers the best.

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Project: Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

Project: Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

Our portion of this project was to bring the kitchen and bathroom lighting and power in this 1990’s built to the finest modern standard. LED lighting was retrofitted throughout the home, receptacles were changed to the new tamper resistant style for child safety, the kitchen wiring was upgraded to accommodate new, more powerful, appliances and thermostatically controlled bathroom floor heating was installed.