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Why has the inspector requested additional work be done that isn't related to the current job?

Occasionally, an inspector may find other issues when visiting your home that require attention. This is most common when improvements have been done in the past without proper inspections or permits. Depending on the type of issue, inspectors can sometimes require that other additional repairs be made before allowing the current job to pass inspection.

This can be frustrating as it may require additional work on your home and can delay current work being done.  Inspectors are most likely to make this decision when the previous work is wildly outside of code or represents a safety hazard in your home.  It doesn't happen very often but can become an unexpected issue that must be dealt with.

The best way to prevent this is to ensure that all work done to your home is properly permitted and inspected.

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Will my job require a permit?

County permitting offices exist to both record improvements for tax purposes as well as oversee work being done to ensure that it is safe and meets code building code standards.  If a job is considered new service, an improvement to existing service or an upgrade it may require a permit. In general repairs to existing systems do not require permits.

The permitting process is fairly simple, a permit is applied for, a fee is collected and then an inspector visits at various stages to ensure that work is completed correctly.

The permit process can add additional time to completion as in most cases an county inspector will need to visit and approve work being done at different stages of completion. Depending on the type of work being done this can be one or multiple visits.  If the inspector has a question or finds a problem they must re-inspect the work before the job can proceed. Most inspectors require at least 24 hours to schedule another visit so this can add additional days to a job.

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What will the apprentice do on my job?

Apprenticeships are a very important part of becoming a qualified electrician. Prior to being allowed to test with the NCBEEC, applicants must show that they have completed a certain number of hours working under the direct supervision of a qualified electrician. We are committed to a training program for people wanting to pursue a career as a qualified electrician and often have an apprentice working on our teams.

Our apprentice electricians play an important role in getting our work done promptly and professionally by assisting the electrician.  Importantly they also provide a second set of eyes and hands for getting each job done right. They are highly trained individuals who are working towards becoming fully qualified electricians.

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